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Bitumen Testing Equipment

We are manufacturer of a vast range of Bitumen Testing Equipment, that is widely used while constructing various infrastructures. Further, our range includes Benkelmen Beam, Bitumen Extractor, Bitumen Test Kit, Breaking Strength Tester for Bitumen Felt, Ductility Test Apparatus,Thin Film Oven and many more.

We are the leading manufacturer of Bitumen Extractor which is used time saver deflections of flexible pavements.The light weight instrument is supplied in two parts for assembling on site with easy hand tools. In use one end of the beam rests at a point under investigation while the beam is pivoted at the centre. The free end carries a dial gauge to record the deflections. The other end is kept on a stable platform.

The beam ratio is 2:1 which magnifies even small deflections. Supplied with a dial gauge 0.01 x 25mm. This is a light weight dismantle able instrument and easy to carry. We Offer bitumen Extractor to our client at a very competitive price.
Automatic Bitumen Penetrometer or Standard Bitumen Penetrometer is automatic, complete with needle set of weights, bitumen container and pre-set timer. The apparatus is designed with the use of components of high quality and is at par with industry standards.

In flexible pavement construction, bitumen binders are used. It is important that bituminous material forms ductile thin film around the aggregates, Which serves as a binder. The binder material not of sufficient ductility renders pervious pavement surface and leads to development of cracks.

Therefore it is important to carry out the ductility tests on bituminous material. Ductility is defined as distance in cms to which a standard briquette of bitumen can be stretched before the thread breaks. The briquette is stretched at a rate of 50mm/minute ±25mm per minute at a temperature of 27ºC ± 0.5ºC.

Specifications :

The apparatus consists of a water bath with a thermostatic heater, and a circulating pump to maintain uniform water temperature. One half of the briquette moulds is fixed on a fixed plate in the water bath, the other half of the briquette mould is fixed to a carrier which slides over a rotating threaded shaft with a clutch.

The motor and gears to rotate the shaft are housed in a cabinet fixed above the other end of the bath. A pointer fixed to the carrier moves over a scale graduated from 0-110 cm x 1mm fixed on the bath with “0” (zero) of the scale towards the fixed plate side. The rotating shaft has 2 speeds of travel for the bracket, 5cm/min and 1 cm/min., selected by a clutch. Water bath inside is aluminium, it is an insulated water bath. Water bath is provided with a drain. A heater with thermostatic control is fixed inside the water bath. Control switches for motor, stirrer, heater and indicator lamps are fixed at a convenient place on the water bath, complete with three briquette moulds and one base plate, all made of brass. Operates on 230 volts A.C. single phase.

Optional Accessories

* Supplied with Digital Temp indicator cum Controller
* Also with Cooling Arrangement

Marshall Stability Tester, which is used to measure the resistance of plastic flow of paving bituminous mixture that is loaded on lateral surface. Our range is equipped for designing and estimating bituminous paving mixes.

  • Capacity of transferring bar and loading unit
  • Even upright movement
  • Fixed with reversing and limit control

It is used for determining the temperature at which a sample of bituminous material loaded by a 9.5 mm dia steel ball, drops a specified distance when heated under specified conditions. Electrical heating with a Heater and Energy Regulator.
Compaction on metals and soils become laborious if done manually. An automatic compactor for bitumen cuts off the time and efforts done in the compaction process. The mechanism of the automatic compactor involves lifting a mass of 4.5kg and dropping it from an altitude of 457 mm. The device comes along with a compaction pedestal fixed with the base and a rammer foot that is detachable.

We have expertise in manufacturing automatic compactor for bitumen used in soil and bitumen testing industries like construction, infrastructure and metallurgy.

Some of the features of automatic compactor for bitumen are:

  • Designed to work on different phases of electricity
  • Made out of high grade material which makes it efficient in attaining high level of compaction
  • Superior quality and design makes it efficient is performance to match global standards
Loss on heating/ thin film oven 

This dual purpose oven is designed to determine the loss in weight of bitumen and flux oils (loss on heating test) and the effect of heat and air on asphaltic materials (thin film test). The unit is heavily insulated and has a double glass door for viewing the test chamber thermometer and samples. Temperature is controlled at 163° c ± 1° c by means of a variable temperature controller and thermostat. Two rotating platforms are supplied with each oven: one accepts 9 standard penetration cups for the loss on heating test, the other accepts two 140mm diameter test pans for the thin film test. The platforms are rotated at 5 to 6 rpm by an external motor. Chamber dimensions 350 x 350 x 350mm (length x width x height)

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